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Superfine Merinos 160’s

Precious, subtle, soft: a journey from green fields to your closet.
lana merinos superfine

The Land and the Breeding

The journey of Superfine Merinos 160's begins in Woolbrook, a small village 30km from Walcha, New South Wales, Australia.

Amongst the country's leading wool producers, the Fields familyhave been breeding sheep for over a century. Congi Station is the most renowned estate: here, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies a dedicated and specialized team take care of about 25,000 Merino sheep.

The farm has long embraced the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, which protects the animals' welfare and the land that they graze on. Here, sheep live in a natural environment, free from pesticides, and without any mistreatment. Because of this, the Congi Station is now certified as a Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).


The Wool Journey

After navigating the Pacific waters, our wool reaches Genoa. It is then combed in Romagnano Sesia, before going through the spinning and dyeing process at a factory in Valdilana, which uses exclusively renewable energy.

Finally, it arrives at Svevo, in Fidenza. In order to obtain the prestigious finished product, we carefully refine and knit the material through a 24-step process, much of which is done by hand.



Compared to other types of wool, Merino wool is thinner, softer, and more comfortable to wear in direct contact with the skin. It is also more efficient at retaining heat - protecting against cold weather, as well as providing a shield from high temperatures.

We twist the wool thread three times to increase its resistance and work it on a 36 gauge loom. That's how we create our Superfine Merino 160's SVEVO, an exclusive merino wool thread.